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Victoria tells why she loves the teen sensation. Do you think they should work together?

With her Victorious days officially behind her, Victoria Justice is moving on with her career as a genuine triple threat. Her debut album, Shake, is already garnering buzz; she just wrapped her next movie, Naomi & Ely’s No Kiss List; and she’s currently filming her upcoming MTV series, Eye Candy. And when spoke with Victoria on Nov. 8 at the UGG Australia launch in NYC, she told us who she’d love work with next!

“I really love Lorde,” she told us. “And I just found out she’s only 16! She’s really cool. And to collaborate with her would be great, especially since she writes her own music and I write my own music. I really admire her because of that.”

Victoria and Lorde have totally different styles, but we think they could actually craft a pretty cool song together!

Victoria Justice: Why She ‘Had To Be A Part’ Of Her New Movie

Along with her debut solo album, we’re also stoked for Victoria’s new movie, Naomi & Ely’s No Kiss List, which Victoria has happy to enlighten us about:

Working on this film was so much fun. As soon as I read the script I new I had to be a part of this project. And getting to film in New York City in the fall, especially, was so exciting. I think this movie really captures the essence of beauty and charm in the city. And I feel this movie is super relatable. My character Naomi deals with a lot of anxiety, and I don’t want to give to much away, but with her dad leaving, she kind of turns to her gay best friend Ely. She’s all he has during that time in her life. But the movie is really funny and sweet and I’m excited for people to see it.

And we can’t wait!


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We caught up with Victoria Justice last night in NYC! She kicked off UGG Australia’s “Feels Like Nothing Else” campaign by hosting a meet & greet for fans at the UGG store on Madison Ave. We love the campaign and cannot wait to see Vic on her new MTV show, “Eye Candy”!

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Super fit and adorable star Victoria Justice wants to recruit her fans to the fitness world.

Victoria’s teamed up with Zumba to create a dance- fitness choreography set to her song “Shake.”

Apparently, the folks over at Zumba were big fans of the young performer.

“I had heard of Zumba but never taken a class. A few weeks later I went on a fitness retreat with my mom and they were offering Zumba classes. My mom and I both took one and we loved it! It is fun and you get a great workout without feeling like you’re really exercising, because you’re doing dance moves,” Victoria reveals to Healthy Hollywood.

The 20-year-old singer/actress thinks her “stay positive” vibe is perfect to get folks moving.

“The lyrics are about shaking what your mama gave you. So, if a song comes on and you happen to be in a supermarket, just go with it; if you it makes you feel good. I’m all about staying healthy, having fun, and feeling good and so is Zumba. It’s a great way to spread the word,” adds Victoria.

Victoria is super busy juggling her acting career with singing. She recently wrapped a major tour with Big Time Rush and staying in shape was of the utmost importance.

“When you’re touring, I can’t stress how important it is to stay in shape. I do a one hour set of running around on stage singing and dancing. You need to be in shape to do that or it will be extremely difficult,” she continues. “I work out (cardio, weights, and Zumba) before I go on tour and try to do as much as I can in between. I did forty one shows in seven and a half weeks, so that was about five shows a week. My routine one the road is getting enough sleep, eating well and doing some form of exercise when I can, sometimes I will visit the gym in the hotel if there is one. When you perform that many shows each week your show becomes your exercise routine since there isn’t always a lot of time to exercise.”

To check out Victoria’s “Shake”, head to


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Victoria Justice has been busy working on her debut album since her hit Nickelodeon show Victorious wrapped this past winter. However, although the 20-year-old recently released her latest single “Gold,” she’s actually taking a break from music at the moment.

The singer tells On Air with Ryan Seacrest she’s working on an acting project she can’t quite reveal just yet. “I think I’m putting music on hold for just a second,” she tells us. “But I mean, music and acting will always both be a part of my life, I just have to find a way to kind of balance it out.”


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All the biggest bands do fan meet-and-greets before or after shows, but what really happens when you get to meet your favorite artist? ‘Fuse News’ breaks it down from both sides

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Now that her Summer Break Tour with fellow Nickelodeon stars Big Time Rush is in the books, Victoria Justice has returned to working on her first full album under her own name.

The former “Victorious” principal tells us that she’s ready to make the transition, even though she knows it’s going to be challenging:

“Well, I feel like at this point I’m still pretty, I’m pretty connected to Victorious. There’s like a large, younger fan base. But there’s actually a lot of teens and young adults that are aware of me as well, which is cool. I’ve been writing my own music for awhile now, and I’m really proud of the library of music that I have collected. And, you know, I’m just really, I’m very excited for everyone to hear my own sound and who I am as an artist. I’ve been cultivating it for awhile now, and I think it’s definitely come the time for me to reintroduce myself to people.”

Victorious” wound up its four-season run in February; during the series Justice sang on three companion albums and had previously appeared on the soundtrack to the 2009 Nickelodeon movie “Spectacular!

On her own she’s released a single called “Gold,” and she`s been working with producers Greg Wells and The Messengers on more material for the album, which is tentatively titled “Shake!


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Buzznet Buzzmaker Katelyn Tarver and Crush Soda asked you – who’s your Ultimate Music Crush? You voted, and we listened! Congratulations to VICTORIA JUSTICE who is August’s Ultimate Crush! Check out the video above as Katelyn Tarver interviews Victoria Justice!


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Victoria attended the Voices On Point musical gala to benefit the Point Foundation at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza yesterday in Century City, California. I’ve added 94 high quality photos to the gallery. Be sure to check them out below. Victoria looks beautiful.

02. Public Appearances > 2013 > September 7th – Voices On Point Musical Gala

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“Victorious” star Victoria Justice was at the 2013 Zumba Fitness Instructor Convention in Orlando, where she rocked the stage as part of a star-studded Zumba Fitness Concert.

Before the show, Victoria talked about how she got in shape for her summer tour, and her partnership with Zumba Fitness.

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‘Gold’ singer opens up to MTV News about the highlights from the Summer Break Tour with BTR.

Much like all the students counting down the days until summer break is over, Victoria Justice and Big Time Rush might also be feeling the end-of-summer blues. The U.S. leg of their Summer Break Tour wrapped up on Sunday in Milwaukee, and as it turns out Justice had a fun time spending the last couple months as one of the guys.

“It’s been really great,” she told MTV News. “They’re just, like, really, really nice guys, and we’ve been hanging out on our days off.”

In fact, by her account, things have gotten pretty wild in between gigs on the trek, which officially wraps up this week in Mexico.

“We played a show in Pittsburg and my sister is on tour with me as well. We decided to prank the boys. We got water guns and hid in their dressing room and as soon as they came offstage after this long show, a friend of theirs gave us the signal and my sister and I ran out from hiding and started squirting them like crazy,” she recalled. “It was hilarious. They were laughing and then James [Maslow] stole my water gun and started squirting me, so it was really fun. They’re really funny.”

But the good times hardly ended in Pittsburg. In fact, it seems like every time they let loose during the jaunt water was somehow involved. She explained, “There’s been a lot of really good memories. It’s just really fun getting to hang out with everyone. We had a barbeque in the parking lot of one of the venues the other night and that was really fun. Kendall [Schmidt] was DJing. Everyone was dancing like crazy [and] just going so hard. It started pouring raining but we were having so much fun partying that we didn’t even care. Some of us ran out into the rain and danced around.”

Perhaps one of her tour highlights took place in Bethel, New York, back in mid-July, when the group chilled out at Woodstock, walking around the famed grounds where Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin played back in 1969. “That was really fun just getting to walk around there with the boys and the crew and just laughing,” she said. “It was a really, really cool moment.”

With the tour nearly wrapped, Justice is now looking forward to dropping her debut album, which is set for release later this year and features her latest single, “Gold.”


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